Deyaneria on September 1st, 2015

Someone Asked me for this: So I figured I’d do quick write-up.

How to properly give credit to modders…my way of making sure that people get the recognition they deserve.

I wrote this for all us non-mod creators out there who just love to use (mix and match) mods together.

First and foremost, when you download a mod make sure you know the name of the mod and the creator (sometimes when a mod is placed in different place the names may vary slightly). If I find in on nexus I use that name, if only on a modder’s blog I use that name. I usually name the file by that name and add the mod creator to the name of the file (click on images to see larger).

for mod users

In addition to that because it’s always good to let people know where they can find a particular mod if they wish to recreate a look I also have a running excel file. It lists by category the name of the mod, author, website, availability and some extra notes can be added for example if a hairstyle is one for certain races or sexes.

excel for mod users

When I create a face I create a word doc and put each face in its own folder.  I usually name them something like testface #whatever . As I load mods in the mod manager I copy the mod name from the folder and put it right into the word doc.


Then once I create my modded face (and take my screenshots of course).  I go to my excel document and put the links in as hyperlinks for the appropriate mod.


I’m also lazy and there are so many hair mods out (I love having a variety). I have a running word doc for that too. It shows the default hair and the mods available for that default. I included pictures to help me pick the hairstyle I want to put in the CC.  This way I can load several hairstyles at one time and not have to keep jumping in and out of the game to redo the modmanager. Don’t ever use these pictures for anything than your own use without giving credit to the mod creator.

running hair list sample


That’s pretty much it. I know it seems like a bit of work but once you have your docs in place it’s easy. Every time I download a new mod I just open the stuff up and place it in its designated place. Easy-Peasy.


Deyaneria on August 16th, 2015

I can’t seem to stop. I find creating beautiful faces a relaxing activity but I have decided to do 10 of each race and gender. As at some point, I would like to PLAY THE GAME (snicker).


Introducing Isiss I love the wavy bob and feminine floral tattoo

ScreenshotWin32_27940_Final ScreenshotWin32_27942_Final ScreenshotWin32_27945_Final ScreenshotWin32_27950_Final ScreenshotWin32_27954_Final ScreenshotWin32_27961_Final

Sliders and mod list here.

Introducing Shycha… she is wearing the red version of the Isiss’ outfit and I tweaked her hair a bit with the DAI hair color utility.

ScreenshotWin32_27942_Final ScreenshotWin32_27944_Final ScreenshotWin32_27945_Final ScreenshotWin32_27951_Final ScreenshotWin32_27957_Final

Sliders and mod list here.

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Deyaneria on August 14th, 2015

This new hair mod and a new tattoo mod came out and after seeing them and squealing like boy-band fangirl. I knew I had to try them out .

Introducing Athelanna:

ScreenshotWin32_28030_Final ScreenshotWin32_28036_Final ScreenshotWin32_28044_Final ScreenshotWin32_28027_Final ScreenshotWin32_28021_Final

She has a killer nose stud and awesome features love the new hair and tattoo.

mods used:

Invisible starting armor by GrimmPrince @ Nexus

Custom Body Models EF body thicker arms by Aravasia @ Nexus

Custom Body Models ef body curvy with reduced backside and larger thighs by Aravasia @ Nexus

SK Hair Re-texture Realistic hair by skara888 / Skaramoosh

Improved Lashes by xstephyg (has 5 different styles I chose longest fullest lashes)

Hairstyle by valoa-kohti (Female Elf)

Settrah brows older alternate version by settrah

Modern retexture by veylia

Myfanwy eyes by mrsalenko / AppleofEden

Nose stud by xstephyg

Lore Tattoos by skara888 / Skaramoosh

Sliders and mod list:

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Deyaneria on August 13th, 2015

I  will eventually move onto other genders. But for now I’m happy making Dalish Elf females.


Introducing Loirqua

ScreenshotWin32_27941_Final ScreenshotWin32_27944_Final ScreenshotWin32_27950_Final ScreenshotWin32_27955_Final ScreenshotWin32_27959_Final


You can find her sliders and mod list here:

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Deyaneria on August 12th, 2015

Here are a few more faces will be posting to other forums as well but…well I’m just addicted….

Introducing Aurae:

ScreenshotWin32_27940_Final ScreenshotWin32_27959_Final ScreenshotWin32_27958_FinalSliders and mod files here:


Introducing Ard’rily




Her sliders and mod list are available here:

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Deyaneria on August 10th, 2015

Maker! I do have fascination with creating faces… Here’s one of my latest. I picture her as an elven archer.

ScreenshotWin32_27939_Final ScreenshotWin32_27941_Final ScreenshotWin32_27943_Final ScreenshotWin32_27953_FinalHere are sliders and mode list: Dar Missan

Deyaneria on August 7th, 2015

I’ve been crazy busy with school and I never thought I’d get the chance to post again…Ok that was a bit dramatic. But considering I’ve taken 17 classes since last June, starting writing 2 novels for fanfiction and am still playing at modding, it’s sorta true. I am still doing some knitting and fibery stuff just not as often.  Lately my passion has been writing and once again creating awesomesauce faces for the new Dragon Age Inquistion.

Here is latest Elven Female Inquistior I created

closeup in prison closeup outside closeup2 in prison closeup2 outside

if you want to create her for yourself …. use this file sliders it has all instructions and mods used.

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Deyaneria on December 17th, 2014


I wanted to showcase some of my favorite women of  Dragon Age. First the human women:





































I didn’t realize I had so many I’m going to have to separate the posts I think .

Deyaneria on December 17th, 2014

I know my posting has been a bit spotty lately. I’ve been crazy busy just like everyone else but I thought I would invite you into a slice of my life. I recently had to find new homes for the wonderful creatures I had spending my life with and started a new job. The new job is ok….but I want to do something else (and make better pay). I made a decision to go back to school for software engineering. So between work, family, caring for the creatures I have left, a stupid chicken eating fox (we are trying to catch) and pulling all my transcripts, financial aid other papers for college. The little bit of time I get to myself , I’ve been relaxing with friends out at the lake (it is summer after all). So there you have all my crappy but real excuses for not posting regularly.


I wanted to explain my process a bit when I am creating these character creations. I’m using mods to create the most interesting characters I can think of,  using the presets given by dragon age and a few extra presets I’ve added through others amazing modding abilities. I am not a mod creator…..yet:) Now that the disclaimer part of the post is over I will get to the pictures.


This week we are showcasing Elven Male Wardens. The order goes  preset, character in creator and then character in game:)




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Deyaneria on July 3rd, 2014

When I left off with knitting posts. I was working on a Plum Crazy Cardigan. All was going well until I got to the  button band neckline. I’ve knit it …….4 times. Then I  threw it   put it into the time out basket to teach it a lesson.



After which ,  I decided to finally start a long coveted project. May I present the Shipwreck Shawl by Knitting Harpy …This pattern is an amazing freebie from Knitty.


All Images from Knitting Harpy on Ravelry.

shipwreckbig_medium shipwreckbig2_medium

This is a very interesting project as it is knitted with the beads strung onto the yarn in a natural yarn and then dyed after the knitting is completed. There are also only 7 rounds of increases in this pattern. I had collected the beads for this project over 2 years ago. It is high time to start this project.

I will dub this project Brandi’s Shipwreck or I Hope it’s not a Shipwreck :)


The humble beginnings:)







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