I had to stand over the table to get this shot!!!!

On Monday I shared my terrible phone pics of my handspun color affection shawl. Here are some spectacular blocking pics.


closer pic of section 2 and section 3


sections 1,2, and 3 of color affection


As I was blocking and stretching ….. I found a dropped stitch in the third section….. My knitterly heart started to race …oh the horror!!!!!!…… a dropped stitch …mid-project and it was already bound off. Crap!  What’s a yarny girl to do?


Then I came up with a plan ….I wasn’t sure it would work but it was definitely worth a try so that stupid dropped stitch would run like pantyhose. I dropped the stitch on a grey stripe …so I took some grey yarn I had left and darning needle I weaved in the tail (like for weaving in ends) about 5 stitches before the dropped stitch, I picked up the dropped stitch so it would be looped through the yarn and then continued weaving in the other side in the same manner. It seems to have worked! I didn’t think to take pictures as I was doing this …in my own defense I was having a knitterly panic attack. I did take some after photos though.

back side where I weaved the yarn thru


front side of dropped stitch area


My new project midwinter wanderer is coming along nicely.  I did some fiddling with different types of needles and lengths of cord but my nickle needles and 24 inch cable seem to be working well for this project.


start of midwinter wanderer


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