A Lovely flock of corriedales by Ixchelbunny on flickr



Corriedale sheep are an intriguing breed. They were developed harmoniously in both Australia and New Zealand around 1874, by crossing merino sheep with Lincoln sheep. The breed was created to produce a dual purpose sheep that was good for meat and commercial wool production. Corriedale comes in as the second  most popular sheep right behind merino.


Sheared and ready for show corriedale thanks to Urban Sea Star on Flickr


Corriedale sheep are polled with wool on the face and legs. They are an evenly balanced sheep and can be white or naturals colors with certain breeding associations any color other than white can be considered a defect. They have a long life span and are easy lambers, with a very docile temperament. Corriedales have a high fertility rate  and do well in adverse conditions making them a sheep that can thrive in almost any climate. Corriedales are a good size sheep rams can weigh from 175-275 pds and the ewes come in at 130-180 pds. They have been used to develop later breeds of sheep such as targhee, and cormo.

natural color corriedales courtesy of Cabrissa on Flickr



Information from: Wikipedia and Oklahoma State University

To Sweet to leave out!

Ewe and lamb

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