wow that's one heavy fleece!!!!! shared by kinjin76 of flickr

¬†These sheep produce a heavy fleece it can range from 10-20 pds. The staple length is amazing at 8-12 inches. This fiber is considered to be a carpet fleece as it’s pretty coarse with micron counts of 30-46. However first fleeces can be incredibly soft. The locks are curly with a defined tip.

close-up of fleece still on the hoof.. courtesy of Give Fleece A Chance on flickr

My Devon top feels a bit silky and slippery with some crispyness. There were definitely some prickles at the neck that seemed to subside after a second. ¬†However I was pleasantly suprised that it wasn’t bad enough to remove it right away. I think if it was spun worsted it could be silky and drapey against the neck.

Here is my Devon top:


Devon top


Close-up of Devon top at Applebee's Acres- The Fiber of My Being



I also dyed up the batch into two slightly different colors for an experiment I’ll explain on the FFF video this week.

dyed devon top


 Information from and The Fiber and Fleece Sourcebook by Deborah Robson and Carol Ekarius

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