Romneys produce an extremely heavy fleece depending on where the romneys are from they can produce anywere from 8-22 pds. Romney has little grease compared to other breeds there is only a loss of about about 20-25% percent in weight after washing.


White Romney Fleece from Homestead Wool and Gift Farm on flickr

The average staple length is 4-9 inches. The micron count depends on where the romney is from: North american romney wool micron count is  29-36 microns. New Zealand Romney wool ranges from 33-37 microns. British Romney has a range of 30-35(information on micron count taken from The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook). They may be softer or crunchier depending on the animal.

I found my romney to have a buttery, silky hand with a slight bit of crispness. It is next to skin soft. I have no trouble wearing this next to my neck.

Natural colored romney fleece by cgoyer on flickr

Romney fleece is wonderful for handspinning as some can be fine enough for next to skin wear.  It’s delicious to use in any preparation carding or combing.

Dyed romney locks by carrie loves puppies on flickr

Here are my unwashed Romney Locks.


My unwashed romney


unwashed lock of romney



Here the romney is after a bath. 

washed romney


washed romney lock


Combed romney wool


Combing romney fiber


Combed romney nests


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4 Comments on Oh The Fiber – Romney wool

  1. Sahara says:

    I came over from Ravelry on the fiber prep forum. Great blog! And I LOVE Romney sheep and wish I could own a few.

    NYC has loosened their restrictions on owning livestock. Now, folks in Brooklyn can raise chickens and one resident (so far) has a pig. I can’t wait for sheep!

    • Deyaneria says:

      Hi Sahara, welcome to the fiber of my being. I thought I would limited to loving just a few breeds but I am finding this whole sheepy journey to be fascinating and I love sharing it. Nice to know that cities are allowing people be more self sustaining too.

  2. judy nunn says:

    Please send your weekly newsletter to the above email address thank you,Judy

    • Deyaneria says:

      I’m sorry to have to tell you that I had to close down the fiber animal rescue farm and the corresponding business. I also have stopped the newsletter. However, I kept all information on the site and youtube channel available for people. I am also available to answer any questions you might have please feel free to email me.

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