I just want to run my fingers thru it! shared by Juniper Moon Farm on flickr

Here are some cormo fleece facts:

  • the fleeces weight an average of 12 pds
  • the staple length is 3-5 inches
  • micron count is 17-23
  • it is a very dense fleece with a nice “v” crimp
  • Information from Oklahoma State University, and The Cormo Sheep Conservation Registry, Inc

Cormo comes in many natural colors. Here are a few:

dark brown cormo shared by BobL612 on flickr


Grey cormo courtesy of RunsWithHolden on flickr


Black Cormo Fleece, Thanks to fic_kitty on flickr

I looooove me some Cormo. It is incredibley soft, buttery, and springy.  I processed it in 3 different ways to see which one worked best. Cormo definitely feels wonderful next to the skin I forgot I was wearing washed fleece. it did have a good amount of “grease” but it came out easily.


my unwashed cormo


washed cormo


Combed cormo


flicked cormo


carded cormo

 That was a bunch of fiber prep. I was looking for the best way to prepare this fiber without getting nepps as it was so soft nepping happened rather easily. I felt combing worked best followed by flicking and then carding.

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