Isn’t this just a lovely picture? by Grandview Polypay on flickr

When I first heard the term polypay sheep in an issue of spin-off. I thought polyester(like those scratchy itchy pants from the 70’s). Ummm,  no thanks. As I kept hearing more and more praise for this fleece I knew I had to check it out.

Polypay sheep were created by two brothers Reed and Clarence Hulet. Their aim was to create a new breed of sheep that would be a pay-off for the farmer regardless if it was pasture or grain raised. They also wanted a sheep that could produce two lamb crops and one fleece crop per year.

Finsheep courtesy of feltfinland of flickr


Rambouillet Sheep courtesty of Nyr100

They took Finnsheep because they were highly prolific, and for their early puberty and short gestation and bred to Rambouillet with their adaptability, hardiness, productivity and quality fleeces. Then bred Targhee for their large body size, long breeding season and quality fleeces to the Dorset with their superior mothering ability, carcass quality, early puberty and long breeding season. They then took these crosses and bred them together to create a 4-way cross (info from wikipedia).

Dorset sheep by Julie.Nichol on flickr


Targhee sheep courtesy of dlotter on flickr

Polypay ewe weigh in at about 150-200 pds. The rams are larger at 240-300 pds. Both are polled.

Polypay sheep courtesy of Grandview polypay on flickr


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4 Comments on Oh The Fiber -Polypay Sheep

  1. Beth says:

    Cool! That looks like beautiful sheep!

  2. Sherilyn says:

    Nice comments and mostly accurate other than it was Clarence Hulet and not Charles. He is my father.

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