My Teeswater Fiber

I found teeswater fiber to be surprisingly soft for the fact it is a longer fiber and in the English longwool family. I found I could hold it against my neck with very little prickle factor and this may be because the staple length is sooo long.

Teeswater top close-up


Now for the stats: A Teeswater fleece can beĀ  4-8 kgs or 8.8-17.6 pds, the staple can be anywhere from a really long first clip 12-15 inches to shorter clips twice a year of about 6 inches. My roving has about a 6-8 inch staple. The micron count usually ranges from 30’s to about 36. I think this one is a bit softer as well ( cause I’m a puss and usually stuff 28 and over is scratchy to me).

dyed teeswater fiber

It takes dye beautifully. It took so evenly that I was really surprised because many times there are areas of lighter color but this was amazingly equally dyed.

Close-up to dyed teeswater fiber


I have made a bunch of progress on my Skywalker Shawl.


My Skywalker Shawl


Skywalker shawl close-up


Here is a sneak peak of a new colorway coming into the store soon.

Redwood colorway spinning fiber

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2 Comments on Oh The Fiber -My Teeswater Fiber

  1. Beth says:

    That’s a beautiful shawl! I never heard of Teeswater fiber; sounds interesting.

    • Deyaneria says:

      It’s a really nice fiber with a long staple I guess so long they shear 2x a year. The shawl is definitely a work in progress this is my first real lace ever. The class on craftsy has been a great help.

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