When my swaledale roving arrived I was intrigued. What an interesting wool. It’s definitely not your buttery soft next to the skin wool. I found it fascinating for what it is…. Crunchy, hairy, multicolored spinning goodness.


My Swaledale roving


It dyes in a very interesting fashion. I love it!


Dyed Swaledale wool


Tweed bag anyone?


My Spun Swaledale Fiber


2 -ply?

According to an article by BBC News  wool prices for this hardier yarn have been falling for quite some time to the point where farmers are burning or throwing out the wool. However, in the same article I found that some people are trying to find other uses for the wool.  How about wool enriched compost? or using wool as building insulation? I guess all those jokes about a wool stash being insulation are not that far off.


37 fleeces of insulation?


Here are a few more pics of my work area as I’m working to make about 90 bumps this month.

My workroom!
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2 Comments on Oh The Fiber- My Swaledale Fiber

  1. Ashling says:

    I just read that same article yesterday! Also read in Catherine Friend’s book Sheepish that some people use wool as mulch, which is a good way to use poor fleeces….

    And “crunchy, hairy, multicolored spinning goodness” is such a perfectly descriptive turn of phrase!

    • Deyaneria says:

      I do try to describe what comes into my head on first impression of a fiber. My waste wool off the drum carder or after skirting(yes many of my fleeces come unskirted) got into the compost or I use them in the chicken coop(the nesting boxes sometimes get very colorful).

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