Well now that we know how milk fiber is process and what it is made up of, I was extremely curious on how it dyes and spins. I used Cushings direct dye in plum and it turned out awesome. Did not run or exhaust the dye bath.

I also tried Cushings acid dye in peacock. Also turned out great. Exhausted the dye bath did not run. I notice colors are more matt with this fiber as opposed being shiny like corn or nylon.

Spinning was interesting. The fiber feels fine and dense like angora but isn’t slippery it has alot of grab(sometimes a little too much grab for my liking). It’s definitely next to skin soft but the grabbiness (is that even a word) made it seem a little less soft than angora. It definiteley reminded me of a very, very fine merino.

 Sorry about the picure quality, My camera is a Diva and only working when it wants to so I had to use my cell phone. Don’t tell the old camera but the replacement is already on it’s way.



Here is Fluffy wanting my attention. She gets right up in your face and can be a bit demanding. She was literally in my lap at my desk climbing up me in this picture.

Oh and here is some lovely Cashmere from the goats…..Loooove me some cashmere. I still have one goat to comb out for the year and I’ll decide if I send it out to be processed or process it myself. The amount of guardhair looks minimal so I may just process it at home(maybe).  I need to go pet some now.

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2 Comments on Oh The Fiber- Milk Protein Part 2

  1. Penny says:

    Hi, Brandi. It’s so nice of you to leave comments on my posts. Sometimes I feel like I’m just talking to myself.

    You said you wished you lived near a thift store. I wish I lived on a farm! Your animals look amazing and cashmere from your own goats! Wow! I’ve really got to get back into spinning. I’ve got some corriedale all ready to be plied and I just can’t seem to get to it.
    Thanks for commenting! Penny

    • Deyaneria says:

      Thanks for checking me out I mostly look for interesting people to read and you are interesting people. I think when you decide what you are going to create with your corridale (yummy) it will be plied in no time.

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