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Here is Fridays’s post…….. sorry  techie difficulties keep me from posting it yesterday.

The sweater I’m making is Slippery Slope by Laura Birek.





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28 Comments on Fantastasic Fiber Friday – Happy New Year ( better late than never)

  1. Erinn says:

    I am just getting into socks so I will choose Fingering!

    I was worried about you not posting Wednesday or Friday!

    • Deyaneria says:

      I’m debating taking out wednesday posts or doing something different on that day….friday I was having some tech difficulties, then we lost electric for a spell so as soon as I could I posted the video…no worries:)

  2. Trudy says:

    Worsted most often and I love thick & quick.

  3. Knittingdancer on Ravelry says:

    I like to use worsted weight for my charity knitting and I like to use fingering weight for my shawls.

  4. Irkalla says:

    hmmm Most of in terms of how often or in terms of yardage? Probably use fingering weight the most often. But in terms of yardage I probably use more lace.

  5. Cara says:

    Fingering, I love sock yarn.

  6. sheila says:

    Hi, Seen your video, love the head scarf and holiday bling behind you… I use mostly fingerling, and some DK.

  7. Penny says:

    Fingering….I love socks and shawls! :)

  8. fayofthewoods on Ravelry says:

    I end up using worsted the most because it is the easiest for me to find. My favorite weight of yarn is actually a mystery to me because it came from a sweater that I bought and took apart for the yarn.

  9. Debbie H says:

    Fin gering is what I use the most. Thanks!

  10. janet brattin says:

    Brat58 @ Ravelry = My answer to your question is DK Weight! I love the fabric it makes! It’s suitable for any season! My second would be bulky. I love bulky yarns for quick knits, you can actually make something very quick and it looks like you spent a lot of time on it! Thank you for your offer!! I so enjoy your videos!

  11. magi says:

    I like to use 4ply and 3 ply yarn for knitting socks and shawls with.

  12. Lori says:

    Hi.. I so enjoy your videos!! Thank you for your research and information on the performance of different needles. I use worsted the most (quick knits – quick gifts – instant love!) but it’s not my favorite to work with… for myself anyway. When knitting for myself, I prefer fingering to lace – I’m digging the versatility of “sock yarn” for shawls, and lighter sweaters, and it’s just so luxurious to know how many stitches you invested on YOU when you create from these weights for yourself!!

    Indulgence on Ravelry
    Connected Threads on Facebook

  13. Anne Marie says:

    I like worsted. Having so little time to knit, I can actually get stuff done in worsted (or even bulky once in a while).

  14. Lori says:

    Depends on my mood. Bulky is fun when I went to get something done. Sock/fingering is my other favorite when I want something small and delicate.

  15. Seacow says:

    Oh man, I love fingering weight so much. Just gotta love all the socks and shawls you can make! I love fiddly stuff though!

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  17. Merry Fenton says:

    I love knitting socks so fingering. But the instant gratification of bulky is hard to beat, especially after using fingering.

  18. Rose S. says:

    Lately I have been loving Aran weight yarn — instant gratification. Thank you for the great review of the needles and your results with them. I think the Signature needles will have to be for me.

    Just asking…… where did you get the beautiful snowflake lights?

  19. Lara says:

    I use fingering for my knitting, and worsted for my crochet.

  20. Gwen says:

    I love worsted weights,,, use mostly cottons in my knitting but have been learning to use drop-spinnendle to make my own to woolen blend yarns….lol they are really cool for Yule gifts!

  21. Edy Marlatt says:

    Me…I love bulky yarns. They make me feel like I’m a fast knitter…did a hat and a cowl in 2 days. 😉

  22. InJuneau says:

    Aran or worsted, unless it’s socks and then it’s fingering!

  23. Stacey B says:

    Sweater is looking great; very pretty! Love the handspun too!

    I like all weights of yarn. My sweater yarn can vary in weights.
    I love to knit All Sorts of things and use all yarn weights.
    There is mostly Fingering in my stash though.

    Happy 2013!

  24. Carmen says:

    I’m loving fingering/sock yarn.

  25. Wendy says:

    I love fingering/sock weight yarn

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