Deyaneria on December 17th, 2014


I wanted to showcase some of my favorite women of  Dragon Age. First the human women:





































I didn’t realize I had so many I’m going to have to separate the posts I think .

Deyaneria on December 17th, 2014

I know my posting has been a bit spotty lately. I’ve been crazy busy just like everyone else but I thought I would invite you into a slice of my life. I recently had to find new homes for the wonderful creatures I had spending my life with and started a new job. The new job is ok….but I want to do something else (and make better pay). I made a decision to go back to school for software engineering. So between work, family, caring for the creatures I have left, a stupid chicken eating fox (we are trying to catch) and pulling all my transcripts, financial aid other papers for college. The little bit of time I get to myself , I’ve been relaxing with friends out at the lake (it is summer after all). So there you have all my crappy but real excuses for not posting regularly.


I wanted to explain my process a bit when I am creating these character creations. I’m using mods to create the most interesting characters I can think of,  using the presets given by dragon age and a few extra presets I’ve added through others amazing modding abilities. I am not a mod creator…..yet:) Now that the disclaimer part of the post is over I will get to the pictures.


This week we are showcasing Elven Male Wardens. The order goes  preset, character in creator and then character in game:)




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Deyaneria on July 3rd, 2014

When I left off with knitting posts. I was working on a Plum Crazy Cardigan. All was going well until I got to the  button band neckline. I’ve knit it …….4 times. Then I  threw it   put it into the time out basket to teach it a lesson.



After which ,  I decided to finally start a long coveted project. May I present the Shipwreck Shawl by Knitting Harpy …This pattern is an amazing freebie from Knitty.


All Images from Knitting Harpy on Ravelry.

shipwreckbig_medium shipwreckbig2_medium

This is a very interesting project as it is knitted with the beads strung onto the yarn in a natural yarn and then dyed after the knitting is completed. There are also only 7 rounds of increases in this pattern. I had collected the beads for this project over 2 years ago. It is high time to start this project.

I will dub this project Brandi’s Shipwreck or I Hope it’s not a Shipwreck :)


The humble beginnings:)







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Deyaneria on June 10th, 2014

Screenshot20140602221828435With Dragonage 3 coming out this fall, I wanted to show some of my Dragon Age Origins love. One the awesomest (is that a word) things about dragon age is the ease of modding to make the character really personalized. So I added some of my favorite Character Creator Mods and had some fun with making some of the most gorgeous characters I could. I will name all mods I used and the authors at the end of the post. So Idecided to to the men of Dragon Age first.


Human Male Warden- I’m pretty sure I tried every preset. The last one is a preset mod called pretty faces it replaces all the male presets. I did just one of them to show how pretty the boys can look.

Screenshot20140602220114091 Screenshot20140602221457443 Screenshot20140602221828435

Screenshot20140603002312921 Screenshot20140603003207103 Screenshot20140603003307992

Mods used in creating these characters are:

Note: these mods can be found on Nexus unless marked otherwise.

Additonal Hairs for DA (part 1 and 2)

All in One

Anto Hairstyles

Bidelles Cosmetics

Black is black

CC extra Hints and tones

CS eyebrows

CS hair tints

CS skins

fbd skins

hf lotc hairstyles

lotc’s eye texture package

lotc’s eyelash textures

lotc’s eyelashes

More hairstyles

Pineappletrees vibrant colors

ren’s hair

Tamsyn’s updated elf with hair

tucked hair (found on Bioware)

dracomies textures

chargenmorph complier

navi preset

pretty faces

Next week I’ll bring in the Elves:)

Deyaneria on June 2nd, 2014

So I’ve been playing around with re-arranging some of my older music. After talking to Saren Garnet on fanfiction, (I love her take on the Mass Effect world) she requested to hear some of my own written music. So here is one of my lessons in chord progressions. I rearranged it a little bit to make it just a bit more interesting.

Sonata in F Major

YouTube Preview Image

I would totally recommend checking out Saren Garnet’s writing on Fanfiction.

The story I’m following is called “This One’s Heart is Pure ”

You can find it … or at

Deyaneria on May 26th, 2014

I admit to having a problem. I have a video game addiction. I blame Atari, Activision’s Pitfall Harry, and sci-fi books for the beginnings of my addiction add playing dungons and dragons a few years later. This  has turned me into a 40 something with grown children who loves to play RPG’s  (sometimes with said children).




My passion has grown to collecting  vintage RPG’s and modding my games as well. I mean who doesn’t love a good drama that you can control the ending of. Or being within a story and seeing through the eyes of the main character and controlling it instead of just watching. So a new part of my blog will be about my adventures in playing these games, mods created both by myself and others, and thoughts on what could be changed within the game or ideas for new games. I may also point out some fan fiction writers I enjoy reading. I was amazed at the amount of talented writers who offer their wares free for the reading.

My lastest obsessions have been with the following games:

Dragon Age

Dragon Age Awakenings

Mass Effect

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 3

and the upcoming Dragon Age Inquistion.




Deyaneria on May 19th, 2014

In my life before the Fiber Farm I was a music teacher.  Music was my best friend growing up and way for me to express myself as a child. I started lessons very young and music continues to be huge part of my life.  I plan on using this part of the blog to share music I love and music I’ve written. I hope to one day write a musical score for  film or video games. The music in video games these days is really amazing.


There are an amazing amount of talented people out there creating music or playing with variations on a theme. This week I would like to share  Giovanni Dettori’s Lady Gaga Fugue.

YouTube Preview Image

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Deyaneria on May 13th, 2014

I took a break from blogging. This reprieve was necessary as I’ve been having to make some hard decisions about where The Fiber of My Being was headed. My family and I have enjoyed the past four years of learning, teaching, hauling hay and manure, combing, clipping, cleaning, carding, dyeing, and spinning that have accompanied the creation and growth of our little fiber rescue farm.  Above all, we have fallen in love with the animals who have been in our care. My associated business, The Fiber of My Being, is pulling me in a more creative direction, and my body is informing me that the rigors of farming are no longer for me.  This has not been an easy decision to come to, but I must do what is best for the animals. I also had to come to grips with the fact that this recession has hit my family hard and for the first time in years I need to go back to work. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to stay home and home school my children now as my youngest has turned 18 and is almost graduated I can move on to other things. I’m very proud of the young man he has become.


I’ve found homes for all the animals with the exception of my 3 favorite buns. I’ve also decided to add other portions to the blog. I love playing with fiber, and all the fibery crafts and studies I’ve done. I have other interests and would like to show them as well.  I am a nerd of many facets :) I will continue to create fibery fun items for the shop, create patterns and teach classes (which I love).

In my previous life (before fiber and farm). I was a music teacher/composer and spent some time in computer programming. I also enjoy a good RPG, have certification in herbalism,  and love cooking. These are things I still enjoy and had put on the back burner to run the fiber animal rescue.

I considered changing the name of the blog and shop but all these facets of my life are part of who I am , hence still within the fiber of my being. I will continue sharing my fiber studies and projects as well as the Fantastic Fiber Friday Videos. The Fiber Fanatic Files will remain the same as well.


washed grey karakul with Houdini helping:)

washed grey karakul with Houdini helping:)

I hope you enjoy seeing into more facets of who I am.


Deyaneria on March 17th, 2014

I’ve made some real progress on this cardigan. The body is done and the sleeves are going on. I decided to knit on the sleeves instead of knitting 2 separate sleeves and sewing them.




I can’t wait for this one to get finished so I can wear it.




The Yarn and Fiber Sale is still in effect. Get last years colorways at 30% off using code COLORSALE  at checkout.




[madmimi id=3]


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Deyaneria on March 14th, 2014

YouTube Preview Image     To create a double boucle you will need a bobbin of slub yarn ( if you haven’t created slub yarn yet you can find the tutorial here). You will also need to make that slub yarn into spiral slub ( tutorial video here), then  you will need some silk thread .I like to to use a 60/2 silk thread. I usually buy it on cones and dye it to match my project. After you ply with the silk thread you will need to either cable it with another yarn or back upon itself.   [madmimi id=3]

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