Some face complexions for a more beautiful Inquisitor

changes made

Dey’s Qfem Face

ScreenshotWin32_0017_Final ScreenshotWin32_0013_Final

Dey’s Face Drop Box Link

ScreenshotWin32_0215_Final ScreenshotWin32_0214_Final ScreenshotWin32_0213_Final ScreenshotWin32_0212_Final

Dey’s face 3 Drop Box Link

Female complexions available on nexus for now but i will be adding it to my dropbox as well.


compslider9 ScreenshotWin32_0201_Final ScreenshotWin32_0211_Final ScreenshotWin32_0095_Final ScreenshotWin32_0114_Final

Male faces available on nexus as well dropbox links to be added as soon.


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