I can’t seem to stop. I find creating beautiful faces a relaxing activity but I have decided to do 10 of each race and gender. As at some point, I would like to PLAY THE GAME (snicker).


Introducing Isiss I love the wavy bob and feminine floral tattoo

ScreenshotWin32_27940_Final ScreenshotWin32_27942_Final ScreenshotWin32_27945_Final ScreenshotWin32_27950_Final ScreenshotWin32_27954_Final ScreenshotWin32_27961_Final

Sliders and mod list here.

Introducing Shycha… she is wearing the red version of the Isiss’ outfit and I tweaked her hair a bit with the DAI hair color utility.

ScreenshotWin32_27942_Final ScreenshotWin32_27944_Final ScreenshotWin32_27945_Final ScreenshotWin32_27951_Final ScreenshotWin32_27957_Final

Sliders and mod list here.

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