Deyaneria on August 16th, 2015

I can’t seem to stop. I find creating beautiful faces a relaxing activity but I have decided to do 10 of each race and gender. As at some point, I would like to PLAY THE GAME (snicker). Enjoy!!! Introducing Isiss I love the wavy bob and feminine floral tattoo Sliders and mod list here. Introducing […]

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Deyaneria on August 14th, 2015

This new hair mod and a new tattoo mod came out and after seeing them and squealing like boy-band fangirl. I knew I had to try them out . Introducing Athelanna: She has a killer nose stud and awesome features love the new hair and tattoo. mods used: Invisible starting armor by GrimmPrince @ Nexus Custom […]

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Deyaneria on August 13th, 2015

I  will eventually move onto other genders. But for now I’m happy making Dalish Elf females.   Introducing Loirqua   You can find her sliders and mod list here:

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Deyaneria on August 12th, 2015

Here are a few more faces will be posting to other forums as well but…well I’m just addicted…. Introducing Aurae: Sliders and mod files here:   Introducing Ard’rily   Her sliders and mod list are available here:

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Deyaneria on August 10th, 2015

Maker! I do have fascination with creating faces… Here’s one of my latest. I picture her as an elven archer. Here are sliders and mode list: Dar Missan

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Deyaneria on August 7th, 2015

I’ve been crazy busy with school and I never thought I’d get the chance to post again…Ok that was a bit dramatic. But considering I’ve taken 17 classes since last June, starting writing 2 novels for fanfiction and am still playing at modding, it’s sorta true. I am still doing some knitting and fibery stuff […]

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