Spun Yarn Before Setting The Twist

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A question I get often with new spinners is “why do I need to set the twist on my yarn?”

Giving handspun a bath after spinning is important for a couple of reasons.

1. It keeps the yarn from untwisting.

2. It improves the appearance of the yarn.

3. It can help even out over twisted yarn.

4. Worsted yarns look great when slightly fulled and it increases the strength and stability.


The only times you may not want to finish the yarn this way is if you are weaving or wanting to use energized singles for a specific project. You finish the object when you are done knitting instead.


Finishing Angora Yarn



Hanging out with the Yarn

Here is my usual method of finishing yarn.

After the yarn is on the kniddy knoddy and tied in a few places I fill a basin with hot water and wool wash. I also fill another one with cool water for rinsing. I put the yarn into the hot basin letting it get thoroughly soaked. Then I use my hands or a plunger ( a kitchen one works great for this) and agitate the yarn in the water for a few minutes. Then I move it to the cool water and agitate some more. I work back and forth about 3 times for regular yarns. If I want to full something I will work back and forth about 6 times. A way to agitate the yarn easier is with sink plunger. I have one for this purpose alone.


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Gorgeous and Set!!!

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