Just to backtrack and set the scene.I decided it was high time I make a sweater for me that fits. Since most of my sweaters end up back in the yarn stash, this is quite a commitment for me. I’ve settled on making my own vanilla sweater pattern . I’ve been studying the greats of custom shaping for sweaters Stephanie Japel, Amy Herzog, Shirley Paden, Wendy Bernard, and Sandi Wiseheart. I’ve been reading Custom Knits, Knit Wear Design Workshop, pouring over my Fit Your Knits Craftsy Class, and checking out Amy and Sandi’s tutorials.


I have realized the problems with my sweaters and although I would normally keep my measurements to myself (I can be a bit sensitive about such things).  I’m going to put it all out there. So maybe it could help another knitter who may be having the same issues I am.


Onto the measurements.

Upper torso – 40 in

Bust- 46 in

waist- 36 in

hips -47 in

Upper arm – 12 in

wrist – 6 in

neck depth (shoulder to widest part of bust) – 9.5 in

shoulder to hipbone – 21 inches ( without bust)

shoulder to hipbone w/bust – 24 – inches

hipbone to waist – 4 inches

waist to fullest part of bust – 7.5 inches

(having a mini heart attack now)

I like my tops to hit the mid or lower hip because I have such a short torso ( long legs). Although most patterns have me shortening the length so that I don’t make a bunch of sweater dresses ( unless I want one of course).

I’ve found that my issues are short torso, bust larger than shoulders, and although I’m a chunky middle aged woman I do have curves they are just confined to a small area. Oh and one more issue many times when I make a sweater to fit my bust size the armholes are HUGE!  I have normal sized arms I don’t need all that extra fabric. There was a sweater I made that I thought I could take flight in.

So I took the armhole depth on one of my favorite shirts 9 inches seems to work.


So now that I’ve laid this all out on the line. I will share the pictures.


I always picture my waist skinnier!

I always picture my waist skinnier!


Picture 25

Well, I definitely got bust and booty!

Next Monday I will go into the details of how I created the a pattern.

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