Saturday was my birthday. The big 4-o.  He told me to take saturday off. The first place he took me was a ….a new LYS called The Yarn Barn in Bangor, Me. This actually is an amazing feat, since we don’t have many options ( we had only 2 and one had left last year).  Where he bought me quite a haul. A sweaters worth of yarn , keychair stitch fixer, a new book (Finish-Free Knits by Kristen Tendyke) and some dpns sock holders.



Then we went to Lowes and bought new shelves for the shop. I know it probably seems silly to get excited about storage but I love storage:) The green things on the right are folding crates…..How cool is that!!!!


The shelves were promptly assembled the next morning….Picture sans the hubbys legs but I guess I had to add kitty butt on the lower left hand side.




We went to mall so I could use my birthday coupons at sears for some new yoga pants, then we went to eat at our favorite mexican restaurant called Miguels. They offer amazing food and awesome vegetarian and vegan options.  Some more trolling around The Christmas Tree Shop and home ….where my children had made me a birthday cake put decorations and everything…..this was huge suprise to me.  There were gifts to open here too.






It was a lovely birthday and I got more than I could ever dreamed of.

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