When I wrote about Ray the angora bunny on monday. I had a few tweets and facebook posts that questioned how happy he was with his new sweater. I’m glad to say that Ray is doing quite well now with his new sweater. He is happy and warm. I always do a double check on the buns when something like this happens and I have to coat them for a couple of reasons: making sure they don’t get caught up on anything, and that they don’t felt up underneath the new sweater.

A Happy Ray!!!!

Here are  some pics of the other bunnies I groomed today.



Little girl who is showing you how one properly throws a coat.


and a few more of the alpacas and goats enjoying what’s left of the grass before snow comes.

Goats enjoying the bit of grass left.


Alpacas checking out the high growth grass near the house.




I love Gabby’s nose!!!!!


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