What a gorgeous gray thanks to ambersky 235

A Herdwick’s grey fleece is not easily dyed, and is coarse, and so is best suited to use as carpet wool. This Fleece seems to shed water and dry quicker than most wool. The kemp can be separated from the wool to create a softer hand.

A great portrait by ambersky 235

The staple length is about 4 inches on mine. I have seen that it can be 3-10 inches. I found the fiber to coarse, kempy, slightly crisp, but also a bit slippery. It had an undeniable prickle as I wrapped the roving around my neck.  I would say this was definitely in the mid 30’s micron count.


closeup of herdwick fiber


I didn’t wish to dye this roving as the tweedy texture is beautiful to look at.

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