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I found California Red wool to be  fluffy and  crispy with a downy texture. It definitely had a prickle as I put it around my neck. I would place this fiber in the 30s micron count. The staple length is usually 3-6 inches which is about what the staple of my roving is.


what a beautiful face by nmredsheep on flickr

I love the interesting color variations in the roving. It is a gorgous beigey oatmeal color with hairs of red strewn through.  I will not be dyeing this fiber as I want to retain the beautiful colors. Here is my roving:)



My california red bump of roving



closer look at california red roving….had trouble with the camera showing black fibers instead of red


Super close-up was trying to get the red to show….the colored fibers are really dark red in color.


Information from  the California Red Sheep Registry, Inc.


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