California Red Sheep courtesy of sharon lynn


California Red sheep were a happy accident. Dr. Glenn Spurlock in Davis, CA launched a project, of crossing Tunis and Barbados sheep. His aim was to create a wooless sheep. He Failed. However, his mistake caught the eyes of Aimee and Paulette Soulier, who found a love for the fiber and meat of this unique sheep. Through judicious breeding the Souliers were able to increase the size of the original herd and perked interest in the breed.

California red ram by photo courtesy of Les and Cheri Sweeney

California reds are elegant in appearance. Rams can be rather eye-catching with their red mane. They are a medium weight sheep with rams weighting  approximately 225-250 pounds  and the ewes around 130-150 pounds. California reds have a layed back easy temperament, gentle handling is all that is needed with this breed. Both sexes are polled (hornless).


Ewe and twins by nmredsheep

Lambs are born colored a solid rust or cinnamon red color.  Ewes bond well with their lambs and are quite protective when needed. As the lambs age the fiber becomes an oatmeal color with red intermixed.
Information from  the California Red Sheep Registry, Inc.

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