Tunis Lamb from Unicorner Farm , Courtesy of Bob and Debbi Brown


Tunis wool is suprising soft with an almost downy handle , I usually see in down sheep types.  Colors can go from light ivory to cream, natural colored fleeces are obtained from first and sometimes second shearings of lambs.


Tunis Lambs resting by Dale Huhnke


The staple is long a minimum of 3.5 inches but usually longer 4-6 inches. This is a dense heavy fleece. A ewe’s fleece can be 8-10 pds while a rams can be much larger from 10-15 pds.

Tunis in winter courtesy of Dale Huhnke

I would have guessed the micron count of my fleece to be around 26 microns, pretty darn soft, passing the bra test, it is dense and as I mentioned above has the feel of a down type fleece to me but in a longer staple. My research showed that the micron count can go from 24- 30 microns so I wasn’t too far off:)


Here is my tunis roving:




Information from Wikipedia, Oklahoma State University, and the National Tunis Sheep Registry Inc.

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