It has been a sad and strange weekend and quite frankly I almost forgot to post today. We lost Gavin on Sunday and had to make arrangements to care for him. Gavin was well …a smartass, pain-in-the-ass at times and very protective of his goats. He took on the role of guard alpaca ….alpha male even though he was the only neutered alpaca of them all.

I will never forget when we had to sedate him. He fought it like a maniac…..knocking me on my ass at least 5 or 6 times during the process. He never did actually lay down and relax even though he had enough juice in him to sedate a 1000 pd horse and had the vet checking to see if the medication was out of date.  After awhile a friend of mine literally sat on him as I held his neck just so we could trim his tonails….we joked that Gavin was not a cheap date….and I felt like a Mac Truck had hit me the next day.

I am grateful that I got to know Gavin….He will be sorely missed.



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