manx loaghtan ewes by The Nude Ewe on flickr


Manx Loaghtan are a long lived sheep that will provide years of wonderful fleece. Some of these sheep retain the ability to shed their fleeces making rooing an option others will need to be sheared.

manx loaghtan lambs courtesy of panthera onca rebecca on flickr

The wool has a staple between 3-5 inches a fleece usually weights about  3pds making the wool really sought after by spinners.  The micron count is between 28-37. Mine seems to be on the softer side of this count it passed the bra test and feels creamy soft without a hint of prickle. The color is just gorgeous.

How cute is this little ewe!!!!! thanks to panthera onca rebecca on flickr

Here are some pics of my Manx Loaghtan.

3+ oz of manx loaghtan

close-up of manx loaghtan

I couldn’t resist showing more pictures of the amazing place these animals come from. It’s just sooo ruggedly beautiful.


Isle of Man by Mohain on flickr



Isle of Man courtesy of Kristof Vermeulen on flickr


Information from wikipedia and the rare breeds survival trust.


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