Ile de France sheep sprout a dense, refined fleece that has a high grease content. An average fleece weighs 8-13 pds.  The wool itself, has a well defined crimp. The staple length is about 2-4 inches. My Sample is actually longer than that between 4-5 inches.



Because of the merino bloodline this breed has a most notable fleece that I feel is being overlooked. I did the”bra test”with this fiber and found it to have a slight prickle , I wouldn’t make racy, unmentionables out of it, but I would make scarves, mitts , socks etc. The micron count is said to be from 24-29 which puts it in the medium range. Here is my Ile de France Fleece:


unwashed ile de france



closer :)


washed ile de france wool


I am going to dye this gorgeous stuff. You will see it in color at the end of the week.

I couldn’t resist this last pic of this gorgeous ewe with her triplets!


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All pictures from  (unless stated otherwise)  with picture credits going to the the following: D.Chenot, CIV L.Rouvrais, P.Del Porto, J.Diependaele, Giraud, C.Pignot, Sopexa, Upra Ile de France, E.Wagner, D.R ,X.

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3 Comments on Oh The Fiber – Irresistible Ile de France Wool

  1. Beth says:

    That fiber looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it in color! You make me want too maby things, hehe :)

  2. Kathleen Bruce says:

    Do you have any Ill de France fleece available? Thanks.

    • Deyaneria says:

      I do not sorry. I usually buy just small amounts for samples. Try looking on etsy that is where I get many of my samples they sometimes sell half or whole fleeces or by the ounce/gram.

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