ewe and lamb by wolmuts


Clun forest fleeces weigh in at 4-9 pds and usually have a 2 -5 inch staple. The wool is creamy white in color and has no black or kempy fibers.  The micron count is usually between 24-33 .

Great shearing picture by 4buttongnome on flickr

My experience with clun forest was a soft, springy, slightly crisply one. The fiber has crimp as you can see but it also has another dimension that I usually see with down types that makes the fiber super bouncy and springy, and  it gives a ton of elasticity to resulting yarn.


clun forest sheep by ellenspn on flickr

Here is my clun forest fiber.

You see that nice wavy crimp.

Washed Clun forest wool


clun forest cloud

See how the that other dimension of crimp came out after washing it almost turned into a cloud while keeping the original crimp we saw in the unwashed picture.

All information from Wikipedia, The North American Clun Forest Association, and The Clun Forest Sheep Breeders Society .

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