Picture courtesy of the Canadian Sheep Breeders Association


The Outaouais Arcott (said oot-a-way) is one of a triad of breeds established at the Agriculture Canada research station near Ottawa.  Outaouais were wrought by melding quite a few breeds . Some of the chief breeds are the Suffolk, Finnish Landrace, and Shropshire. These sheep The sheep ensuing from the selective breeding program were available to  Canadian producers in 1988.

Most conspicuous about this sheep is its fertility. The ewes can carry triplets or larger litters without losing condition and the lambs grow rapidly.  The rams weigh in at around 176-220 pds and the ewes come in at around 165-198pds. They are polled  with a wool-free face and legs.


To be frank there was little I could find about the breed but I had to possess some just to try out. I  am a infatuated with this fiber.


Information from http://sheepbreeders.ca/breed_profiles/outaouais_arcott.html

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2 Comments on Oh The Fiber – Outaouais Arcott sheep

  1. Beth says:

    The less there is to know, the curiouser and curiouser it gets! Triplets, amazing. Can’t wait to hear about the fiber

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