montedale sheep courtesy of SheepLuvr

The fleece of the montadale is radiant white or natural hued black being the most popular with spinners. A minimum staple of 4 inches, it should be free of hair or kemp. Montadales have very little lanolin in the fleece which produces a higher harvest. Fleeces from ewes typically weight 8-12 pds. The micron count is between 25 to 32 making this a medium to coarse wool.

Here are some gorgous fleece from Montadale sheep:

Lovely bright white montadale fleece courtesy of Hockey Mom Knits on flickr


Here is some of my dark brown montadale. I found this to be on the softer side. It passed the under the bra strap test. I forgot it was there.

unwashed dark montadale fleece


Washed fleece



Information from Oklahoma State University,and Breed standard from the Montadale Sheep Breeders Association

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