pretty rambouillet sheep courtesy of Jam_mam on flickr

The Rambouillet is also called Rambouillet Merino or the French Merino. The development of the Rambouillet breed started in 1786 with Spanish Merinos. Outcrossing with English long-wool breeds and selection produced a well-defined breed with a larger body size and longer wool. This made it a dual purpose breed.

Polled rambouillet ram by Prairie Daisy Handspun on flickr

In 1889, the Rambouillet Association was formed in the United States. The objective was to preserve the breed. It has been estimated that 50% of the sheep on the US western ranges are of Rambouillet blood.

Horned Rambouillet Ram by baalands on flickr


Rambouillet rams weigh between 250 and 300 pounds, and  ewes range from 150 to 200 pounds .  Their faces are free from wool , the lips and nostrils are pink. They can be polled or horned.RAmbouillets are hard and adaptable to different climates and can forage in a variety of conditions. Ewes are great lambers with frew problems. They have a well developed flocking instinct and are easy to handle. A resistance to internal parasites and disease is a plus.

rambouillet ewe courtesy of baalands on flickr

Information from: wikipedia,Oklahoma State University ,and The American Rambouillet Sheep Breeders Association.

I couldn't resist showing these pretty ewes , thanks to baalands on flickr

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