These little ones are just too cute by Grandview Polypay on flickr

The fleece is dense, about 7-11 pds with a 3-5 inch staple. The color is yolk-white to cream white and the micron count is 22-29 microns. This breed has a super crimply structure to it’s fleece.

My polypay fiber


¬†Like I had mentioned when I heard the word polypay I though of polyester. I could have not been more wrong. I was able to get some washed fleece and what lovely stuff it is. The crimp is amazing. It is next to skin soft (I put some locks in my bra for a spell and had to remind myself that it was there). I wouldn’t call is crispy it’s just bouncy, a soft bouncy,buttery scrumptious ball.

A lock of polypay what a crimp!

I dyed some of my supply up and here is how it came out deliciously soft and colorful.


Polypay all dyed up


This is taking a very light hand carding so I’m using my cotton handcarders on this delicate fiber.


Carded polypay

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