Cheviot sheep in Scotland by Sam Blackman on flickr

Cheviot sheep are more of a family of sheep than one breed. There were originally 3 breeds within the family they originated in the british isles. Their names were taken from different areas in the Cheviot hills that run along the border of England and Scotland. The first of these breeds was the Border cheviot (also called the south country cheviot). The names have changed a bit over the years now you may hear them referred to as Cheviot or American Classic Cheviot. The other traditional breeds are Brecknock Hill Cheviot (welsh) and the North Country Cheviot( from the Scottish Highlands).

cheviot sheep by ambersky235 on flickr

There is also a newer breed of Cheviots here in america called the North American Miniature Cheviot. These are thought to be from the original Border Cheviots but no one knows for sure.

Cheviot ewe with lamb by Donald Macleod on flickr

These breeds to share the same look. The faces are wool free. The eyes are ringed dark(think raccoon eyes). the nose is also dark. They do have a beautiful roman noses. Most of these breeds grow only white wool but some Brecknock Hill and American Miniature Cheviots have been known to produce some nice colors.

In the 19th century, the Cheviot became more popular, as its wool was used in tweed cloth that was in use at that time. Now cheviot is a dual-purpose sheep in a more compact size.

Still too small for his ears! picture courtesy of oorwullie on flickr

Cheviot Sheep are quite hardy.This is a breed  that was bred to look after themselves, Cheviots need less husbandry. They lamb easy and have a strong mothering instinct. They are also resistant to many of the pitfalls that can occur with other breeds (such as foot-rot and worms). 

Too cute to leave out! picture by Jack_Spellingbacon

Here are few pics of my cheviot fiber. It is suprisingly soft. Just the slightest prickle against the neck. I could wear a scarf made of it. In fact I wore the fiber as a scarf for awhile. It’s slightly crispy with a lot of bounce I think this is gonna be a fun fiber to work with.

Cheviot fiber


cheviot fiber close-up

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