Has anyone ever encountered technology-bigger than epic ***t fail? I think I may have hit that this week. Let me start by explaining that I have an htc desire cell phone. It comes with a bunch of apps I will never use like “stocks” and “footprint.” Well these apps are taking up valuable memory for things I would like to run and upgrade and have a use for like knitting stash and knit cards and gaugefy. I also don’t have the option of moving the apps to the sd card. I found that even updates to the most basic stuff ex. google search can cause internal memory errors.

my htc desire

After about 2 months of debating and clearing caches, and uninstalling everything I dared to install, as well as many of the recommended updates to vital programs. I decided to root my phone. Rooting the phone gives you access to all those programs you don’t have access to. It also negates your warranty as I never send a phone in unless it is rendered unuseale (many pieces or 10 yrs old), I am not too worried about the warranty.

As you can imagine there are many programs and tutorials on the internet of how to do this they are either very simplistic or take a tech to understand. I run between those two worlds as I was a software programmer 13 yrs ago. I’m not illiterate about it but I’m not right on top of it either. I spent basically 3 working days , many downloads, other operating systems, trying to root this darn phone. On one program I tried they neglected to mention that if you had a certain hboot number that the download wouldn’t work. You needed a program to fix that then you could do it but all was for naught as it was one problem after another like that. Needless to say it’s been a huge waste of time and effort on my part and now I really hate the phone.  The fact is that these companies pay to have programs put permanently on your phone and you are stuck with them. I want a phone that will do what I need and want it too not some predetermined programming that they think I may want and that I cannot remove.

Then the computer started acting up. My keyboard went dead right in the middle of this post. Things weren’t saved correctly and I had to rewrite much of it. I really hate wasting time.

Finally I looked at my husband and said the the computer was going to be drop-kicked out the back door and I was ready to use the phone for target practice. He then countered with taking me out for a coffee. He is such a great guy. He knows when I need to get the heck outta dodge for a spell. 

 I’m done ranting. I do have some fibery goodness to share today.



 I decided to spin up some of the moody colorway. I love the plum color:) 

Moody spun up


 Here is my latest knitting with some of darn good yarn’s stained glass yarn. It’s a mix of recycled silk plied with black wool. 


  I have also pulled together yarn and needles for my next shawl project. I think this misti alpaca lace will make a great Clarus by Laura Nelkin.

supplies for clarus

I also spun a bit of the masham fiber to share.

spun masham


single ply masham


two-ply masham



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2 Comments on Around the Farm- 3-9-2012

  1. Penny says:

    Don’t we all have a love/hate relationship with technology? It’s fabulous when it works and horrendous when it doesn’t.

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