I really dig my Bfl. It is soft and squishy with a hint a crispiness. I got two different preparations to play with: top, and washed fleece.

BFL dyed 

 BFL washed and dyed

 It dyes up beautifully. I used cushing’s acid dyes in wine. I loooove this color.


Peach Nebula

I know I didn’t post on Wednesday and that normally would make me a bad blogger. However ,it wasn’t out of me wanting to sit in pj’s all day( i could do that anyway and you would never know). I am preparing for surgery next Wednesday and had my B-day this week. Happy 39th to me. I am also debuting a few new lines of spinning fiber in a few weeks. Here is a small sampling will be going to Sister X Two in Dover-Foxcroft, ME. Here are some of the lovely batts.

Nebula Colorway


Smoke colorway OOak

Sunset colorway ooakSmoke colorway OOak


Here is the next Butterfly collection series going into the store due to popular demand I will be creating all my batts and rovings in 4 oz increments.


Butterfly Collection - Spicebrush Swallowtail


No I don’t have this many pillows, but I do have 37 fleeces to wash and the pillow cases were an amazing 50 cents each. How is that for fleece storage?


Fleece storage

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2 Comments on Oh the Fiber-My BFL (Blue-faced Leicester)

  1. Beth says:

    Happy Birthday! Your batts are so beautiful. I wish I could spin again. Maybe someday…

    • Deyaneria says:

      I was one of the people trying to find a way for you at one point when the word went out. I’ll keep searching for you.

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