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Pygora goats are a mixed breed of Angora and Pygmy goats.  I love goats they are so cute!

What a sweet face! Pic by Preita on flickr

The Pygora was a purposeful cross, bred by Katharine Jorgensen of Oregon City, Oregon. In 1987, the Pygora Breeders Association was formed in the United States, and has since then been registering and promoting Pygoras. Today, the registered Pygora goat may not be more than 75% AAGBA-registered Angora goat or 75% NPGA-registered Pygmy goat( wikipedia).



Pygoras live from 12-14 years, and are commonly used as pets, along with being show, breeding, and fibre-producing animals. Pygora fibre is frequently used by artists for spinning, spindling, knitting, crocheting, weaving, tapestries, and other fibre arts. It is also commonly used in clothing. Pygoras can also be milked, producing about one litre per day(wikipedia).
Registered Pygora goats will produce cashmere-like fleece (Classified as Type-C), a mohair-like fleece (Type-A), or a combination of the two fleeces (Type-B). Type-A fleece is composed of fibres averaging 6 or more inches in length that drape in ringlets. It may occur as a single coat, but a silky guard hair is usually present. The fibres are typically less than 28 micrometres in diameter. Type-B fleece fibres average between 3 to 6 inches (150 mm) in length with one, possibly two, guard hairs. The fibres are usually less than 24 µm in diameter. Type-C fleece is very fine, typically 1 to 3 inches (76 mm) in length and less than 18.5 µm in diameter(wikipedia).

Type A fleece, Picture courtesy of Hawks Mountain Ranch Pygora Goats


Type B fleece picture courtesy of Hawks Mountain Ranch Pygora GoatsType C fleece , Picture courtesy of Hawks Mountain Ranch Pygora Goats



Type C Fleece, Pictures courtesy of Hawks Mountain Ranch Pygora Goats

 Here is the link for Hawks Mountain Ranch.

According to breeders I have talked to there are actually 5 types of coat.  The goats don’t always produce either A,B, or C. Sometimes they will produce an A-B or B-C coat as well. Each goat is an individual and all fleeces are different. Colors range from pure white to black with many shades of brown in between.

B-C coat, Pic by sockpr0n on flickr


Pygora kid rides llama

And another one just because it's so cute!

 I love these photos thanks to morgsarah on flickr for sharing them.

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