I was unable to spin my falkland after dyeing as it is still pretty wet the rainy weather here has kept the air damper than I would like. I even have had a fan on it for over 24 hours and it’s still wet. I did take some pics of my dyeing process this time. I dyed this differently than my usual way and wanted to share it.

I had placed the roving in a pan of water with a couple drops of dawn dish detergent to let it wet down and soak. Then I drained it and gently squeezed out a bit of the water. I layed the fiber out on a some plastic wrap and took out the dyes I wanted to use.

This week I wanted to do a study of all my blues and see their differences. I have every blue on the card except the lightest one (almost white) called aqua. I arranged them from darkest to lightest and started dyeing.

I found out quickly that I needed to wipe up the excess dye or it was all over the place it would run down thru the fiber and all over my counter top dyeing it.

When I was finished dyeing I wrapped up the fiber and put it into my dyepot which can is also a great steamer( the most expensive stockpot I ever bought and I only use it for dyeing go figure).

I steamed it that night turned off the heat and let it set until morning. Then I rinsed it in water to get rid of the vinegar smell and put it out to dry.

I think it came out great!!!!

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