It has been a very dark and rainy week. My daughters softball has been cancelled a few times. The grass is high but can’t be mowed until it dries out some and the rain has made it too wet to till my garden.

violets out by the river

However yesterday it let up enough to go pick some fiddleheads. For those unfamiliar with fiddelheads. They are a fern that is edible and delicious. I had never heard of them until I moved to Maine.  The river ( Milo is a town were 3 rivers meet) where we were picking was just gorgeous and I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures with my phone.

Unknown white flowers by the river

The Pleasant River

Beautiful yellow flowers out by the river


Fiddlehead cradle the really tender ones.

My picked fiddleheads

I had never picked fiddleheads before so one of my friends took me out to show me what to pick and what to look for because there are many types of fern. I took them home to wash the brown paperish covering off of them. I ended up freezing some and setting some aside for dinner. They are eaten much like an other green. I like them best with butter, salt and pepper roasted in the oven. Delicious!!!!

Here is a good pick of my chickens taking a break from free-ranging, they love the rain. You will notice poor Don Juan’s (the rooster) comb has not grown back from his bout with frostbite this winter. Oh well he is still handsome anyway.

My chickens enjoying the weather.

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