The mission at The Fiber ofMy Being is to educate and inspire people to support my philosophy. I want to be able to help as many fiber animals as possible.  My philosophy is that “we have engineered many of our domesticated species that they cannot live without us, therefore we are responsible for them.”

That being said  the mission of Applebee’s Acres( the farm itself) is to give abandoned, neglected, and sometimes loved enough that owners want a better life for them, fiber animals a home. Many I take permanently, I also act as a foster home for some as long as it takes to find them homes. I have been rescuing animals since I was a child.

How did the name “The Fiber of My Being ” come about?  I was having a conversation in April of 2010 with a dear friend about my latest rescues. I told her “it’s  in the fiber of my being to help  animals.” Lucky for me she piped up immediately and told me I needed to name the (non-existent, still mulling it over ) Etsy store with that phrase.

The name Applebee’s Acres came into play because it is my beloved’s surname and it sounded a heck of alot better than Schoch’s(said shock) Acres.

Here are some pictures of the farm. 

P.S. The second video in the ” From Llama to Scarf/Shawl” series will be posted next week. Sign up for the Newsletter to get access.

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