Well my christmas knitting is done. I was planning on taking a picture of the MIL socks finished but I sent them out before I took the picture. Anyway I’ve been busy picking,¬†dyeing,¬† combing and carding. Here’s a couple sneak pics of what I’m going to be talking about on the blog in the next few weeks.

5 pitch english combs

Fancy Kitten Drumcarder (pic ganked from their site)

hackle for blending


I also got a really nice ball of sock yarn with stitch markers and ‘lil extra from Sfredette on ravely in the “spin or dye swapping group.”


Here’s a few things that are heading into the etsy store.

Christmassy fibery goodness

wool and alpaca blend

I’ve also started a test knit for my friend the Fickle Knitter. If you are interested in checking out her blog you can check it out here: http://www.fickleknitter.com/

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2 Comments on Christmas Knitting

  1. Michelle says:

    Do you use your hackles to blend the fibers headed to your etsy shop? You have a sweet fiber production set up.

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