I’ve decided this week is going to be the crazy week starting Tuesday. The hubs is coming home( for a week) after being off playing soldier since February. Thank goodness I have the best network of fiber friends. Tuesday is when I usually open the firehall for our weekly Stitch n’ Bitch(although admittedly we often eat more than do fiber arts). I’ve handed someone else the keys.  My other friend offered to do thanksgiving with everyone bringing a dish for the entire group and their families. Then there is the firemen’s womens auxiliary having a craft fair with cookie walk(still need to make fudge and butter cookies and help set up on Friday). Three River Yarnies our fiber group is having a table as well with the proceeds going to the auxiliary.  In addition to growing and processing fiber I also make all-natural bath and body products.  So I’ve been getting all that stuff around for the craft fair because I’ve had very little time to knit stuff up for the table. The hubs has already made plans to go hunting and spending time with his fire department buddies. I do hope we will be able to get some family time in as well as time for us both to reconnect. He will have to leave on the 30th again.

As for the christmas knitting I’ve had a change of plan for Grandad’s christmas socks. I love the colors and they way they are playing out but he is a very traditional man and he wouldn’t  like the pooling colors. He’s been asking for my canned applesauce so I will send him a few jars for christmas. Since I already started the socks in a 3 by 1 rib, I think I will make some funky cables and give them to the hubs for christmas. I started the MIL socks that have to be mailed out. I dyed this colorway myself after I found out what her favorite colors are I hope she likes them.

I tried to get pics of the animals today but  they were a bit uncooperative. The goats were not too camera shy though.

All-natural bath and body items for the craft fair


MIL Socks

Serena the shy cashmere goat.

Gabby the loud and a hoover vacumn when it comes to food.

 I will try to get the alpacas when they are not so shy.

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